Andover U3A

Our Committee


Andover U3A is managed by a committee, whose roles and responsibilities are defined in paragraph 6 of our constitution. All members of the committee are voted in at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in May each year.

Members of the committee become Trustees of the Andover U3A Charity for the length of their tenure in office.

Our Committee as at 18 May 2021

Role Name  
First Elected
Into Role
Role Duties
Chair Peter Villalard AGM 2019 Chair's Role
Vice Chair David Gollings AGM 2019 Vice Chair's Role
Secretary Richard Selley AGM 2019 Secretary's Role
Treasurer Su McNamara AGM 2021 Treasurer's Role
Membership Secretary Jean McLeod AGM 2018 Membership Secretary's Role
Groups Co-ordinator Gary Adams AGM 2019 Groups Co-ordinator's Role
Newsletter Editor Chris Ward AGM 2018 Newsletter Editor's Role
Webmaster Jan Ward AGM 2018 Webmaster's Role
Member Caroline Mills AGM 2018
Member Eleanor Wright AGM 2021