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   New Interest Group

   Poetry Appreciation

A message from Alan Wright:

Whether you're familiar with a poem or not - whether you're familiar with poetry in general or not - this new group could be for you. I thought I would start this new group, see if anyone would like to join me and we would explore together poets and poetry we know and discover new poems and poets. As well as meeting up from time to time we might also want to organise occasional trips to poetry readings. The much missed Clive James wrote in his last poetry book about "his urgent wish to share with others what he himself loved".

So if you are interested in joining email at or give me a call on 01264 362479.

   More Members Needed

   Croquet Group 2

Croquet Group 2 has a need for more members. If you are interested in joining please contact Margaret Henstock at

   Group Leader Vacancy

   Film Appreciation Group

The Film Appreciation Group is looking for a new Group Leader or Leaders to take over the running of their very popular group.

The film group has been running since December 2015 with around 45 members. It is a very friendly group and in the past they have seen some wonderful films.

If any member or members would like to take on this role, please email for further information. Help and guidance will be given to anyone interested.

New Members Welcome

Many Groups have restarted their activities, and our Monthly Meetings have re-commenced at the Fairground Hall.

New members are welcome to join: please get in touch with our Membership Secretary - contact details at the bottom of this page - if you are interested in joining us.

Want to know more about us? Scroll down to read this page, and then explore our website using the Menu options along the top of the page.

Andover U3A Covid Quick Links

Government Guidance

Links to The latest Government Guidance on Coronavirus can be found on our Grapevine page.

NHS Advice and Guidance

A link to the latest NHS advice and guidance on the outbreak of Coronavirus can be found on our Grapevine page.

Test Valley Community Support

Are you on your own or isolated, and require assistance? See the Test Valley Community Support poster on our Grapevine page.

New Location for the Quiz Group

During the latter part of 2021, the Quiz Group were meeting at the Fairground Hall at Weyhill.

With effect from the 5th January 2022, the Quiz Group will be moving their location to The Royal British Legion Club on Osborne Road, Andover. Further details, including the 2022 Meeting dates, can be found on the Quiz Group page.


A very warm welcome to the Andover University of the Third Age (the Andover U3A). This is an organisation for retired and semi-retired people who join together to learn new skills, play games, exercise, make new friends and generally enjoy life.

Situated in the northern part of the Test Valley in Hampshire, the Andover U3A is one of two local U3As serving the Andover and District area, with the second being the Anton U3A.

The Andover U3A was formed in 1996 and has approximately 445 members. It is a registered charity and is affiliated to the Third Age Trust.

Monthly Meetings

Members are invited to attend our regular meetings which are held monthly at the Fairground Village Hall, Weyhill, in an atmosphere that is always welcoming and friendly. We invite guest speakers to our meetings, covering a wide range of topics. Refreshments are provided towards the end of our meetings, giving members the opportunity to chat, plan, and make new friends.

Interest Groups

The Andover U3A is a very friendly organisation whose activities are focused on approximately 40 interest groups. Subjects we cover vary from languages through to the arts, history through to photography and nature through to music.

Our groups vary in size and they determine their own course of study under a chosen leader. There are no formal lectures and members are encouraged to share in a joint process of learning and discovery.

Smaller groups use members' homes to host group meetings and this adds to the friendly informal atmosphere. Some of the larger groups use a variety of halls in the Andover area. All members are encouraged to join one or more groups on enrolment to the Andover U3A.

Possibly the most popular groups are the Walking, Strolling and Quester groups. There are weekly walks and strolls, and our Quester groups arrange visits to a wide variety of places of interest.


Membership of the U3A is open to those no longer in full time gainful employment; no qualifications are required. The current membership fee is £10 per person.

Members are entitled to attend our monthly meetings, to join our groups (although some groups may be limited in size), to vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and to receive our six-monthly newsletter.

Our affiliation to the Third Age Trust allows the provision of insurance for members undertaking Andover U3A activities. It also allows members to receive 5 copies annually of the Third Age Matters magazine.

Non-members are welcome to join us for one taster session at one of our monthly meetings:   just make yourself known to the Welcome Team at the entrance to the Fairground Village Hall.

Further details of our organisation, meetings and groups can be found by browsing through our website.

Terms of Membership

All members must:

•   Abide by the Principles of the U3A movement;

•   Always act in the best interests of the U3A and never do anything to bring the U3A into disrepute;

•   Abide by the terms and conditions of the constitution;

•   Treat fellow members with respect and courtesy at all times;

•   Comply with and support the decisions of the elected committee;

•   Advise the committee of any change in your personal details.

Gift Aid - Applicable to both New and Existing Members

The Gift Aid Declaration form states that the donation is for the current tax year (6th Apr 2021 - 5th Apr 2022) therefore Members, new and those renewing who signed a Gift Aid donation to Andover U3A during the current tax year, are advised that for the Gift Aid donation to continue they must submit a signed Gift Aid declaration form for tax year 6th Apr 2022 - 5th Apr 2023.

All signed forms should be sent to the Membership Secretary.

Membership Forms for New Members

Membership forms can be obtained from the Membership Secretary, who can be contacted by emailing

Alternatively you can print your own Membership and Gift Aid forms by downloading them from the links below. Note that these are PDF documents and you will require a PDF reader to read them.

Membership Form 2022/23

* For New Members Only *
Gift Aid Form
Andover U3A Membership Form 2022/23 Andover U3A Gift Aid Form