Andover U3A

Andover U3A Cancellation and Refund Policy

For Trips, Outings, Holidays and Other Events

As at 23 January 2019


1.   The organizer of any event should aim to ensure that the tickets are priced so that there is neither an underspend nor an overspend in relation to the event and should provide for all likely expenses.

2.   Andover U3A should not budget to make a profit or a loss from any event, unless that is specifically agreed beforehand. It should not profit from a member’s inability to attend an event.

3.   If a member withdraws from an event Andover U3A will seek to ensure that the member does not suffer a loss, but the member should expect to pay an appropriate part of any expenses incurred by Andover U3A before their withdrawal. Refunds of monies paid to Andover U3A by a member will only be made if this does not result in either Andover U3A or other members suffering a loss. The procedure to be followed is set out in paragraphs 4-7 below.

4.   As soon as a member is aware that they cannot attend an event, they must immediately inform the organizer.

5.   As a first stage either the member involved or Trip Organizer should endeavour to sell on the ticket for the event to another member or, exceptionally, a non-member.

6.   If a cancellation of a ticket cannot be avoided then:

a)   Transport Costs – if sufficient members are left on the trip to cover the cost at the same price to them, then a refund of the transport element will be made. If the cancellation would mean an increased cost to those still going, then all or part of the increased cost will be forfeited by the cancelling member depending on the costs and numbers involved

b)   Ticket/event costs - If the ticket or event costs cannot be negotiated down (due to the cancellation) no refund will be made.

7.   In the event of dispute, the decision of the Treasurer, the Secretary and the Chair acting together will be final.

8.   Members should ensure that their own Holiday and Cancellation Insurance is in place to cover any holidays taken through the U3A.