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Spanish Beginners

Notification of a New Course

There will be a new Spanish Beginners course starting on Thursday 17th January 2019, at 2.30 pm in Weyhill. The course duration is 12 weeks, finishing on 04 April.

There are some limited vacancies. Anyone interested in joining the course should contact Pedro Battle by emailing

Quiz Group

New Dates for 2019

The Quiz Group has recently published the Quiz dates for 2019. These can be found on the Quiz Group page.

Explore the Villages 1

Notification of Group Leader Vacancy

After 6 years of excellent leadership, Nigel and Vanessa Knott have stepped down from leading the popular Explore the Villages 1 group. In order for this group to continue, one or two willing volunteers are now required to take over the Group Leader role.

Anybody interested in taking over the role should contact either Nigel by emailing, or our Groups Co-ordinator Richard Selley by emailing

All help will be given to make the transition to a new Group Leader as smooth and seamless as possible.

Note that only members of the Andover U3A can become a Group Leader.

Monthly Meeting 20th November 2018

Doorstep Crime and Scam Awareness - Julie Gallagher

There’s a knock on the door and a cheerful chap says he’s been working nearby and just happens to have some spare tarmac, so why not have your drive re-done?

Or some guy phones from Microsoft (he says) and he is concerned about your computer not working, but don’t worry, help is at hand.

Or you get an email and – surprise, surprise! – you’ve won £30,000.

Julie Gallagher, from the Hampshire County Council Trading Standards team, gave an interesting and extremely useful talk on how we should be cautious of unrequested approaches like the examples above, which invariably are scams. The tarmacking could cost more than you bargained for and be sub-standard;   the pseudo-Microsoft man just wants to gain access to your PC and rip-off your log-ins and passwords;   the sizeable sum you’ve won never arrives, but you end up buying products you don’t want in the hope that it might!

Other things to watch for include emails or phone calls pretending to be from your bank and requesting your bank details, and emails supposedly from a friend in trouble abroad who desperately needs money, etc.

Reporting Scams

Citizens Advice are the focal point for reporting scams and can be contacted by telephoning 03454 04 05 06, or see the Citizens Advice website for more details.

Doorstep Crime, Scams and Other Issues - Information Sources

Hampshire More information can be found in the Trading Standards area of the Hampshire County Council website.

Wiltshire More information can also be found in the Trading Standards area of the Wiltshire County Council website.

Friends Against Scams This is a national campaign against scams. Further information can be found on the Friends Against Scams website. A promotional flyer from Friends Against Scams can be found on The Grapevine area of our website.