Andover U3A

Advice and Guidance for Group Leaders

As at 31 Oct 2018



There are some interest groups within Andover U3A, particularly where numbers are quite small, which contain regular attendees from more than one U3A. This is acceptable within the rules.

However, apart from people attending for a taster session, group leaders should check that everyone in their group is indeed a member of a U3A. This can be done via the Membership Secretary.

Occasional visitors from other U3As will be accepted free of charge at our monthly meetings in Weyhill, subject to space being available.


All members and Group Leaders are covered by U3A insurance. This covers events, travel and the use of your private dwelling for official U3A events. This cover includes any paid up member of the U3A, and includes participation in U3A activities led by other U3As.

Financial Matters

Never process any U3A money through your own bank account or use your own credit/debit card.

The committee must be made aware of all contracts & agreements. Contracts & agreements incurring a cost of over £100 per year can only be approved and signed at committee level. Small value contracts or agreements, i.e. those under £100, can be signed off at group level, but must be copied to the Treasurer.

For all other financial arrangements for expenditure of more than £100, the committee must be informed prior to commitment. No U3A funding should ever be accrued to private bank accounts. No more than £100 cash should be held by Group Leaders or event organisers. If necessary a ‘one-off’ use of the Events Account can be arranged through the Treasurer.

Communication, the Website and the General Data Protection Regulations

Encourage all members of your group to use our website

Encourage all group members to register with the Third Age Trust at, and gain access to the Third Age Trust's newsletter at, your Region is South East.

Please keep the Groups Co-ordinator and the Webmaster informed of all your group’s information and especially the diary.

Health and Safety

There is a wealth of useful guidance information on the Third Age Trust's website, which is at

In particular Group Leaders should make themselves familiar with information available under the Advice area of the Trust's website.  In order to access this information, U3A members must open an account.  This requires setting up a user name and password.  This is straightforward to do.   All Group Leaders are encouraged to look at this information, in particular the sections relating to Risk Assessments and Incident Reports:

U3A - E06 - Incident Report Forms;

U3A - E08 - Venue Risk Assessment Check List;

U3A - E09 - Venue Day of Use Check List;

U3A - E10 - Walk Leader Risk Assessment Check List.

Ideally Group Leaders should have a blank Incident Report Form available. It is advisable to complete this as soon after the incident as possible, when accurate information is readily available.

Where applicable and especially for the walking groups, all sensible Health & Safety measures should be applied and a first aid kit carried.

Next of Kin Cards

It is advisable that all U3A members should carry a Next of Kin card. This is a very useful card to hold, especially for walkers and activity groups away from home. It holds Next of Kin details and any relevant medical information. It is held by the individual and is only used in an emergency.

The Secretary holds spare cards if you require more.