Andover U3A

How to Form a Group


Do the Andover U3A groups cover the subjects that interest you?

Are you satisfied with the content of the subjects covered by the groups?

Do you want to join a particular group, but that group cannot take any more members?

If you find yourself in one of these situations then why not form a new group?

How to Proceed

First and foremost we need a group of like-minded members to come together. These can be identified by someone putting an article in the newsletter or onto the website, or asking for an announcement at one of the monthly meetings.

Then, once other interested members have responded, simply arrange a get-together at a convenient location in order to discuss what is required and how you are going to achieve it. In particular, determine who is going to be the group leader.

Group Leader Duties

There is no doubt a considerable misconception on exactly what the duties of a group leader might be. To clarify the situation:

Group leaders do not have to teach the subject;

The group does not have to meet in the group leader's home;

Group leaders are not required to have particular skills in the subject.

All the group leader has to do is to co-ordinate the activities of the group, e.g. keep everyone informed of what is going on, together with where and when. It will be handy if the leader has access to e-mail, as this is the cheap and convenient method of maintaining contact with group members, but of course there is always snail-mail & telephone to fall back on.

Meeting Location

The subject of where to meet really depends upon the nature of the group. For instance it is little problem for a Bridge Group to rotate around members’ houses, but where a particular piece (or pieces) of equipment are required you may be limited to one particular home or, if numbers necessitate, you could hire one of the local community centres as a meeting place.


Whatever you choose, of course, has to be paid for, whether it be a local community hall or refreshments at a person’s home. In this we insist that each group be self-financing. Our £11 overall membership fee could not possibly cover the necessary costs of every group.


So if there isn't a group that fully meets your needs, or the group that you wish to join cannot accept any more members, please consider starting a new group. It is not difficult or time-consuming and indeed there is a great deal of satisfaction to be gained. If you would like to talk this through with the Groups Co-ordinator or one of the committee members, please do so. Help is always at hand.