Andover U3A

Role of the Vice Chair

As at 2 April 2019


The post of Vice Chair is required by the Constitution, and the incumbent is a member of the Committee of the Andover U3A. The Vice Chair stands in if the Chair is not available. The current Vice Chair is David Gollings, email address:

The Vice Chair's role includes the following activities:

1. Stand in for all Chair functions if the Chair is unavailable.

2. Organise and co-ordinate the running of the monthly speakers at the Fairground Hall:

a. Produce programme in February / March for the following June to April (the next 3 to 13 months).

b. Contact the speaker at the beginning of the month and confirm their details and sound / projector requirements.

c. The speakers often self-advertise, or U3A members recommend a speaker they have heard.

d. Keep and install the sound system that the speaker requires.

e. Keep and install the projector if required by the speaker.

3. Attend Committee meetings as required.


Microphone sets x 2


Extension lead