Andover U3A

Role of the Membership Secretary

As at 23 Oct 2018


The post of Membership Secretary is required by the Constitution, and the incumbent is a member of the Committee of the Andover U3A. The current Membership Secretary is Jean McLeod, email address:

The Membership Secretary's role includes the following activities:


Maintain the database of membership details, updating promptly on receipt of new applications, renewals and amendments. Keep a separate back-up copy.

Bank all receipts and notify Treasurer.

Provide membership card(s), welcome letter, newsletter, ICE card(s) and list of groups to new members; membership cards to renewing members.

Display attendance sheet at monthly meetings or arrange for a deputy. Be prepared to deal with membership enquiries. Prepare new sheets quarterly.

May (AGM), June and July meetings – be prepared to process considerable numbers of renewals.

In late July, prepare and send a reminder letter to members who have not renewed.

At 31st August, delete non-renewed members.

Be prepared to conduct a membership audit after 31st August if required by committee and in liaison with Groups Co-ordinator.

Respond to requests from TAT for Direct Mail Submissions.

Act as a member of Committee.

Annual Membership Renewal Process

January – prepare new database.

Confirm new subscription with Treasurer and start to use appropriately revised Application and Consent forms.

Prepare Renewals Timetable, liaising with committee to cover preparation and printing of:

AGM minutes and Agenda;

Membership cards with Speaker programme;

Membership renewal forms;

Consent forms;

Gift Aid Forms.

Order any additional stationery required.

Newsletter (Spring & Autumn) and Distribution of Renewals

List new members since previous newsletter and submit to Editor.

Write a short report (optional).

Prepare 2 sets of labels, each set comprising 1 label for each address. Attach one set to envelopes and other set to renewal forms (no renewal forms for Jan – Mar joiners).

Fill envelopes:

For annual renewals, contents of envelope will be renewal, consent and gift aid forms, AGM minutes, agenda and a newsletter;

For Jan - Mar joiners, contents of envelope will be AGM minutes, agenda and newsletter only, but add new membership card(s).

Lay out envelopes at April meeting. Stamp and post remainder after meeting.