Andover U3A

Role of the Treasurer

As at May 2021


The post of Treasurer is required by the Constitution, and the incumbent is a member of the Committee of the Andover U3A. The current Treasurer is Su McNamara, who can be contacted by emailing

The Treasurer's role includes the following activities:


To manage Andover U3A finances. Andover U3A is operated as a charity under the umbrella of the Third Age Trust (TAT). We are a registered charity with the Charity Commission and must obey rules applicable to charities, TAT and where applicable HMRC. All Andover U3A committee members are designated as trustees and have a responsibility for financial stewardship which cannot be delegated.


1. To pay routine and occasional bills, and to ensure receipts are banked.

2. To account for receipts and expenditure.

3. To keep the full committee regularly informed/advised on financial matters and to prepare an audited statement for approval at the AGM.

4. To ensure that the Andover U3A maintains an appropriate working balance in its accounts, and manages its finances according to the rules appropriate to the charity.

5. To liaise with groups/group members within the Andover U3A to facilitate their approved handling of finances.

6. To manage the claiming of Gift Aid annually.