Andover U3A

Role of the Newsletter Editor

As at 15 Feb 2020


The post of Newsletter Editor is required by the Constitution, and the incumbent is a member of the Committee of the Andover U3A. The current Newsletter Editor is Chris Ward, email address:

The Newsletter Editor's role includes the following activities:

To organise the production of the Andover U3A Newsletter on a regular basis (currently twice a year – Spring and Autumn) as follows:

Draw up a timetable for the production of the Newsletter.

Obtain contributions from Group Leaders, Committee members and U3A members in general for articles and photographs to appear in the Newsletter.

Ensure that any contributions received are suitable for inclusion.

Edit articles as required.

Assist with the set-up of the Newsletter, i.e. slotting articles and photos into the pages.

Contribute additional material as required (e.g. jokes, anecdotes).

Decide on the final content and layout of the Newsletter.

Ensure that the Newsletter is sent to the printers on time to meet deadlines.

Email the Newsletter to members who have opted for it to be received this way.

Manage the distribution of the printed versions of the Autumn Newsletter to those members not receiving it by email.

Be available to assist in distribution of the Spring Newsletter if required.

To take responsibility for the content of the news sections of the Andover U3A website (i.e. Andover U3A News and The Grapevine) as follows:

Receive and determine the suitability of items for inclusion, seeking advice from the Committee if items are considered contentious.

Edit news items as necessary.

Periodically produce a summary of news items currently on the website and email to all members for whom we have email addresses.

Develop the news sections into a useful resource for the members, thereby encouraging members to make more use of the website.

To act as a member of the Andover U3A Committee.

To be aware of personal data protection and copyright issues and act accordingly.