Andover U3A

Jazz Appreciation


Group Leader Email Address
Barry Bond

We meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 2:30pm for a couple of hours in one of the group members’ homes and we listen to recorded music and discuss our musical passions and drink tea or coffee with likeminded people. We listen to and talk about all different styles of music with a slight emphasis on jazz, but now including other types of music at our members choice. But so as not to confuse with the other U3A music group, we will generally avoid Classical music and for the sense of mental wellbeing, we will also avoid top 20 pop, rap, grunge and the like. Oops, sorry for offence to any aficionados of these.

Occasionally, one of the group leads on a topic. We have had sessions in recent times for example looking at music available on Internet radio and another session where we listened to multiple versions of the same piece of music to see how different they could sound.

If any of this sounds – no pun intended! - like you would like to give our group a try, then just drop me an email.